Bodega Vitis Natura

Welcome to Vitis Natura:
Vitis Natura born as many wineries in order to make good wine, quality wine, because this is the only way to get ahead get the fruit of our vineyards and our field. But Vitis Natura is not only a winery as any.
Vitis Natura is located south of the province of Cuenca, at an altitude of approximately 800 meters, set in a land of quintessential vineyards, interspersed with small clusters of pines and oaks native characteristics of the area. Ultimately in a landscape to relax the senses.

This place, where is located the vineyard and the winery, is 2.5 km from the nearest town, so they decided to get electricity through solar panels and a small windmill and thus achieve self-sufficiency, and of course, continue to contribute to the attainment of their wines are made possible by the means that nature gives us, in a natural and organic.
The materials used in the construction of the winery, have tried everything possible to be in natural materials, wood, iron, stone, trying to avoid plastics and PVC materials for obtaining high levels of pollution produced.
Project promoters Vitis Natura, the marriage of Conchi and Antonio, are heirs to a tradition of winemaking over 60 years, and always conscious to protecting the environment and healthy living, they set off the road to get their wines are certified as organic. To do this, viticulture is practiced purely ecological, ie grapes have not suffered any treatment of pesticides or insecticides or herbicides and performing a subscriber only manure, naturally viticulture ultimately preserving both the fruit such as land and as always our ancestors have made lifetime. Besides this ecological conviction, are aware that to obtain a quality wine are needed on a very specific viticultural practices such as low production, green harvesting, collection and manual unloading boxes of 15 Kg, technical help selecting the best fruits.
In regard to the production of its wines, the winery has all the technological means to obtain and control of quality wines, to ensure consumers are not only healthy but also to revel in the pleasant sense taste. But yeah, like in viticulture, taking as its main guide ecological philosophy.
When we open a bottle of Natura Vitis we are not only enjoying a good wine, but of a natural and healthy, drinking in moderation at meals, and this proved to be beneficial to the body. In addition, we are helping people like Antonio Conchi and contribute their bit for the environment our children inherit the slightly less damaged.
When opening a bottle of Vitis Natura, we are doing something good for us, for others and for those to come.
For all this, Vitis Natura invites you to try not only our wine but also to visit us in person at our winery to share our enthusiasm, our work, our commitment, our commitment to the future: our wine.