Bodega Vitis Natura

Project consists of modest family and marriage of Antonio and Conchi.
Small-Plot 4 and 3 hectares of vineyards and oak Pinar.
-100% In farming.
-Easy control and therefore maintain the quality of every year.
-Low production (this year less than 1 kg per vine) to facilitate the grapes are healthy without treatment.
-Approximate altitude of 800 meters in the air influenced Mediterranean.
La Bodega is electrification by solar panels and a windmill, so we use energy self-sufficient and do not harm the environment.
-The formation of the vineyard is a traditional vessel formation but high for ventilation and optimum heat stroke but without exposure of bunches to the sun and avoid oxidation and aroma loss thereof.
Subscribers with natural manure-and this year we've added humus.
-Marco intense planting (over 3300 vines / ha) to produce less Kg per vine, creating more competition between them and get more quality grapes.
-In May we made a green pruning (1st selection of grapes) leaving sprouting strains of interest.
-In late July we green harvest (2nd choice), in which we take in this case that do not interest grapes (sour, or who are not in good condition) to obtain a homogeneous maturation.
During the Harvest-final (3rd Selection)
manually collect boxes of 12-14 kg, leaving the field in those grapes that help achieve consistent quality that we seek.
-Of course accurately calculate the optimal time of harvest, something that we can get our little volume also. This year started on August 17 with the Merlot and ended four weeks later with the Petit Verdot.
-The composition of our land is sandy and clay pebbles, characteristics of the area, the vineyards between nuclei intermingling with pines and oaks.
-We want our wine is unique, that is different and at the same time keep your personality and above all argued at the assembly characteristic varieties: Other wines, other wineries winery made the cupages in using the proportions of a variety or another body function, structure, acidity, ripening ... we have done in the field, using quantities and varieties according to their qualities and characteristics, and grown at the rate we have estimated timely bring us what we want in wine. This wine is a blend of six varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrha, Merlot, Petit Verdot and our native variety that is the Bobal.)
-The wine is made in a natural way, without the addition of selected yeasts fermenting with our own grapes.
-The fermentation tanks, during the same do not exceed 6500 kg capacity. They have double cooling jacket to control the temperature amply.
'Well, with technical and technological means needed to achieve a healthy, natural and of course quality.
- The wine does not undergo any clarification and stabilization process that is not natural.
Maturation and aging-doing it in 225 liter barrels of French and American oak, but our tendency is to work exclusively with French. This wine is aged